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The PINS DAS Program (Persons in Need of Supervision � Designated Assessment Services) is set up for young people aged 9 to 18 who engage in offenses such as truancy, underage drinking and running away from home. The program seems to step in before the courts get involved. In the more extreme cases, detention is possible.

Social workers seek to learn the cause of the child's misbehavior during clinical assessments. Subsequent to the assessment, the minor and his/her parents are referred to programs that can address the issues. Referral areas include Long Term Preventive Services, medical services, substance abuse and mental health. The YES Mentoring Program helps connect youth to an adult role model who will help him or her avoid future trouble.

The PINS Programs serves 2,500 families each year. They have offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

  • Manhattan PINS: (212) 619-0383
  • Brooklyn PINS: (718) 625-8300
  • Bronx PINS: (718) 716-7531

PINS cases are complicated and to achieve best results while avoid any negative consequences, it is best to be represented by a family law attorney.

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