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New York Family Law Firm: Child Support, Custody & Prenuptial Agreement

Storobin Law Firm PLLC is a New York law firm that provides top-quality representation at affordable fees. Our family attorney represents clients in the family courts in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island and Westchester, focusing on custody, child support, prenuptial agreements and orders of protection. 

Some individuals wonder if they need a lawyer in family court. However, those who already have been through the process before know you not only need a family attorney in New York, NY, but you need one who will fight for your family as if it was his own, one who will be knowledgeable and experienced not just in family law, but in the specific family court where your case will be held. A good family attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Choose wisely. Choose the Storobin Law Firm. 

Why Do You Need an Experienced Family Attorney in New York, NY?

  • Our experienced attorneys have gained positive feedback from other lawyers, judges, the media and our clients. We have been recognized as a leader in the area of family law in New York. (Learn more about our family law attorneys.)
  • Our family attorney will fight for your rights, as well as the rights of the rest of your family. We can help you obtain an order for protection, fight against one, seek supervised visitation, attempt to lift supervised visitation and many other aspects of custody and child support. We are here to fight for your rights in the area of family law.
  • Your family attorney will be familiar with family law cases just like yours in your county.
  • Our family attorneys have taken advanced continuing education courses in custody and child support, so we are up-to-date on the latest family law developments.
  • We know how to fight for all aspects of your child support or child custody case.
  • You can expect personal attention to detail and our dedication throughout your case.
  • Our family attorney requires a low, affordable retainer fee, so you don’t have to spend $10,000 or more just to meet with an attorney. We understand good lawyers need to be affordable so people can get the help they need for a fair outcome.

Our Attorney Fees:

  • Family Court Appearances: $550.
  • Family Court Petitions: $275.
  • Out of court work: $275 an hour.
  • Prenuptial Agreement (drafted by our firm): $950.
  • Prenuptual Agreement (review only): $650.

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