Family CourtTelephonic Hearings

New York Family Court

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When a party to either Family Court action or divorce action cannot be present for a court appearance, the person may be allowed to appear telephonically. A telephonic hearing is when one or both of the parties are allowed by the court to testify or appear using a telephone rather than appearing in person. In order to be allowed to appear telephonically, the person must make a request to the judge hearing his or her case.

First, the person must inquire with appropriate courtroom as to the Judge's specific rules for telephonic appearance requests. Some judges will grant such requests orally and some will require summation of a written request. If a written request is required, a form called "Electronic Testimony Application and Waiver of Physical Presence" must be filled out and submitted.

On the form, the person requesting such appearance will have to explain and provide reason for telephonic appearance. Some of the reasons may include a residence in a different state or country or an emergency resulting in the person unavailability for personal appearance.

Family Court Attorneys' Fees:

  • Family Court Appearances: $550.

  • Family Court Petitions: $275.

  • Out of court work: $275 an hour.

  • Prenuptial Agreement (drafted by our firm): $950.

  • Prenuptual Agreement (review only): $650.

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