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When you are facing criminal charges, you may feel fear, anger, confusion and a vast array of other emotions. Criminal charges can be extremely intimidating. You may feel the prosecution has access to more resources than you do, leaving you to fend for yourself. Fortunately, an arrest is not the same as a conviction. Your New York criminal lawyer understands the law and can help you prove your case. You can trust our staff to handle your case with the utmost in care.

  • We have gained recognition from judges, other attorneys, the media and most importantly, our past clients. David Storobin has been called "an asset to the legal profession" by a criminal court judge, a "global legal expert" and a "recognized legal expert" by the media, and highly respected in the legal community. (Learn more about our criminal attorneys.)
  • David Storobin was repeatedly named to the list of the nation's "Super Lawyers" by Thompson Reuters as one of the top 2% of American attorneys.
  • Our criminal lawyers understand the consequences you could be facing, including deportation and negative effects on a child custody case, and strives to reduce the impact of your case on your life.
  • You will have the same attorney throughout your case rather than being shuffled from one lawyer to another who al may be missing some information.
  • Our team of lawyers stays on top of the latest changes in the field of criminal law, completing continuing education course, so we are up to date on all the changes.
  • We will fight not only to protect you on the substantive issues (e.g., guilt or innocence), but on procedural issues as well, including the legality of any searches, whether a statement you made to the police is admissible, and so on.
  • We offer the personal attention to detail and dedication every client deserves, regardless of the circumstances.
  • You will pay a flat fee, so you are covered for your entire case.
  • We also offer affordable payment plans so you can get the defense you deserve.

Our Attorney Fees:

  • Arraignment and bail hearing: $750.
  • All Court Appearances: $750.
  • Motions: $750.

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Our law firm is prepared to represent you in all criminal matters in New York City and Long Island. For more information, read our Criminal Law Guide.