New YorkCriminal Hearings

Motions & Hearings In New York State Criminal Courts

A motion is a request for the judge to do something you may want. After you've been arrest or indicted, New York Law allows your criminal defense attorney a limited amount of time to file the motions and it's very important not to miss the deadline. The following are some of the motions that may be filed in court:

  • 240.43 - Bad prior acts used to impeach the defendant
  • Cardona - Defendant's admission to a witness
  • Clayton - Dismissal in the interest of justice
  • Competency to stand trial
  • Darden - Establish the informant's existence
  • Dunaway - Suppress defendant's statements - no right to arrest
  • Forman - Ex Parte Order of Protection
  • Franks/Alfininto - Perjury to obtain a search warrant
  • Frye - Scientific procedure
  • Goggins - Informant's ID
  • Hinton - Closure of the Courtroom
  • Huntley - Admissibility of defendant's statements to the police
  • Ingle - Stop of the Vehicle
  • Kastigar - Immunity agreement and admissibility of evidence
  • Mapp - Physical evidence and consent to search
  • Outley - Disregard of the promise between plea and sentence
  • Payton - If the defendant was arrested inside his home without a warrant
  • Preliminary Hearing - continued detention of the defendant in jail
  • Rodriguez - Whether the witness and the defendant know each other
  • Sandoval - Impeachment of the defendant
  • Singer - Delay from the crime to arrest
  • Sirois/Hellenbrand/Mastrangelo - Whether a witness can be introduced
  • SORA - Classification of the sex offender level
  • Swearability - Whether a minor or a disabled person can understand the oath
  • Ventimiglia - Uncharged crimes used to impeach the defendant
  • Wade - Admissibility of the identification of the defendant

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