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The following information is provided by our criminal defense law firm. We are not affiliated with Central Booking. Please use the phone numbers in the box below if you are looking for central booking. However, if you are looking to hire a private lawyer to represent your loved one, please call our law firm at (646) 350-0601.

A person who was arrested, they are held first in the police precict and then in the basement of the Criminal Court ("Central Booking") until seeing the judge who sets bail at a court appearance known as the Arraignment. The Defendant may be held up to three full days before seeing the judge, though the usual time is 18-36 hours. In many cases, however, a private criminal defense lawyer may expedite this process.

While waiting to see the Arraignment Judge, the defendant will be interviewed by the Criminal Justice Agency (CJA). The purpose of the interview is to help the judge determine whether to release the person without bail, hold him in jail with no right to bail or what bail amount should be set.

When people get arrested and are taken to Central Booking, their loved ones wonder whether to hire an attorney immediately or to wait until a later point. But there are real benefits to hiring a Private Attorney as early in the process as possible.
  • Your Criminal Defense Attorney will prevent the police from getting statements and confessions from the defendant.
  • Your Criminal Defense Lawyer can start learning about your background and can make sure that someone will be at home to verify the information in the CJA when the CJA representative calls. This could result in release with lower bail or no bail at all.
  • Your Criminal lawyer can arrange for family members to appear at the arraignment so the Judge will see that you have family in the community and are not likely to abscond. Again, this may result in a lesser bail amount.
  • Further, the Attorney can arrange for friends or family to bring sufficient cash so that if bail is set, everything is in place to bail you out without any delay. This is particularly important later in the day when not having the cash immediately may result in the defendant being sent to Rikers Island for the night. (Bail may not be paid by credit card or check. You must bring the right amount to criminal court in New York.)
  • Your Criminal Defense Attorney can also work with a bail bondsman beforehand to work out any issues that might delay posting of the bond.
  • If an additional hearing is set by the judge before bail can be posted (which happens particularly often in cases involving theft and drugs), tour Criminal Attorney can work on the case to make sure that the hearing takes place as quickly as possible.

To hire a private criminal defense lawyer in New York, please call (646) 350-0601.

New York Central Booking

Bronx Criminal Court

215 East 161St Street
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Brooklyn Criminal Court

120 Schermerhorn Street
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Manhattan Criminal Court

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Queens Criminal Court

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Staten Island Criminal Court

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